Bali Diary 5 - by Osamu & Naoko in Ubud

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 10 July 2017

 Most of my friends in Bali told me gInstead of Gili 
Trawangan, please visit at Gili Air.h From 30th June 
till 2nd July, Naoko, Osamu and Shohei have visited at 
both of islands. Now I could say after my snorkeling in 
the sea of Gili Air, it was good, but we liked both of 

 Only horses and bicycles were going on the streets in 
Gili islands. It was totally free from exhaust emission 
from cars. And you can also see electrical scooters in 
Gili islands.

 We found some nice vegan restaurants and also raw 
cafes in both of islands.

 I recommend you taking Eka Jaya 23 from Padang bai to 
Gili islands. It's more comfortable and not bumping on 
the waves while cruising than Eka Jaya 20 or 19 as old 

 Have a nice trip!

* 28 June 2017 Above the Clouds A nice couple have been living in Bali for years. So they know the usual strong humidity in Bali. This is a key of this shop. For our Christmas day with my wife in 2016, I bought a pink shirt of Supima cotton 100% from Egypt. With the pink shirt, I bought fisher men's pants colored by navy. The pink Supima cotton shirt is made by very light and thin material. It's suitable for the Ubud weather being sometimes very hot. And long sleeved shirt could protect from the sun shine. When I was living in Tokyo Japan, I didn't know my pleasure washing cloths by my hands. But now here in Bali, for this pink shirt, I could wash it by myself. I could squeeze the shirt easily.(not wring out and not twisting either). And it had dried easily even in this humid weather. On the other hand, the design of the fisher men's pants is also perfect. My comfortable S sized pink shirt is fitting me tightly, but the fisher men's pants are very loose. But the nice thick string is very helpful to tie it. This might be the only one men's cloth shop in Ubud in Bali. The designing ability and the quality are one of the best.
* 22 June 2017 To make palm oil, they are burning forest in Indonesia to make plantation of palm oil tree. After getting palm oil, they would like to generate electricity from palm oil. It's unbelievable! On the other hand, the decision of Norway government is always brilliant. Palm oil is including in approximately 75% of instant food products, shampoo and detergent. Please go to local or organic market instead of super market. Please use soap nut as shampoo and for cleaning the floors. * 21 June 2017 Vegan Banana Bread Ingredients: wheat flour, banana, coconut oil, palm sugar, cashew nuts, cinnamon powder, rice vinegar, baking soda, rock salt
* 16 June 2017 While two Italian husbands and the two Indonesian wives, and a couple of Italian were having a barbecue party last Saturday, one of a couple invited us Naoko and Osamu. So Naoko sang Mul mantra with my djembe in the beginning of the party. In the middle of the party, I expressed how I like Italy and Italian culture. For example, only Germany and Italy have Opera. French cuisine is originally come from Italian cooking way. Only Germany and Italy have sport cars. However with their boring faces, all of them didn't like my talk. They like French culture and also Indonesian. Because the reason why they are living in Indonesia now is that they don't like Italy somehow. My children, Naoko and Osamu liked sausage bought from Locavore in Ubud. The pigs are raised up by not chemical feed. The pigs are growing up with grass in north of Ubud. Usual pigs for gbabi gulig!h are so bad. Because they are raised up by chemical feed for growing up as soon as possible to make money. It's not only Indonesia but also any places in the world, people think about only how to make money as soon as possible. So no body can take care how to save trees and forest in Indonesia. They also cooked paku vegetable from Bali, sticky corn, potato and Juroku cowpea. And thank you for a glass of wine, Cotes du Rhone. We had very good time on Saturday afternoon. See you again. Oh no, after the party, one of them has come to Studio Spoon for her piano and song trial lesson. Thanks for coming! * 27 April 27 2017 An Indonesian family, four people had been visiting at Osaka in Japan for 6 days in April 2017. She bought some pieces of chocolate made in Japan as souvenir for a Balinese friend family. The Balinese family is one of the nice friends of me. This morning I was aware of her eyes wet. Her nose has been running since she ate the chocolate made in Japan for two days. Not only her but also her husband and her daughter. Their health conditions are not so good now. I told her in bahasa Indonesia gPlease never eat Japanese sweets and Japanese foodstuff are including radiation from Fukushima nuclear power plants. But she told me gIt was delicious.h However I told her again gPlease please never eat foods from Japan again.h * 8 April 2017 Avocado Chocolate Mousse Ginger Muffin with Coconut Cashew Cream Vegan dessert by Naoko of Studio Spoon At Movement Matters Bali of Sook Fun Chen Thank you.
* 19 March 2017 One of my friend Lee was giving me a lecture of how to see the paintings by Frida Kahlo of Mexico in a book titled gFRIDAh on Sunday morning at Kafe Topi in Ubud. When Frida was 18 years old, it happened. A bus crushed into a train when she was in the bus while going to the school. At that moment, she was got out from the bus by a big impact from the accident between the bus and the train. Five years later she has miscarriage, totally three times in her life. However, rather than before, she could have keeping her passion to draw with enduring her pain patiently. Thank you for your enduring and also telling us one good thing loving a man for a long time could continue to give you a big power and concentration to draw.
* 16 March 2017 Paulo Coelho who is the writer of The Alchemist told us gAnyone who loves must learn to lose themselves and then find themselves again.
* 25 January 2017 This is my best soap for my hair washing in the shower room, washing dishes in the kitchen and also for cleaning floors up everyday. This is super natural thing, so please keep in your refrigerator. Ancient Balinese people were using this soap nut for washing anything. But now they have forgotten. Because TV commercial of the chemical soap is so strong and also being visually exciting! Please turn your TV switch off to prevent from chemical things in our world, and also for saving our family life. Thank you everybody! * 25 January 2015 I love Soapnut Liquid. This is 100% natural soap for our body and hair. And also for washing dishes and for your washing machine. This is a fruit; a nut; like a berry; ripen fruit. (The Liquid comes from the nut.) Please visit at Pizza Bagus - Organic market around 10:00am every Saturday! I think it's reasonable price. Just 5cc is enough for washing my hair. And it's not harmful for underground water.
***** 31 October 2014 Vegan Chocolate Cake (wheat-free)
***** 30 October 2014 Apple pie (whole wheat 50%)
***** 5 October 2014 Environment Day! at Fivelements in Bali
Bamboo pavilion
Some lectures in the Bamboo pavilion "Slow, Small, Simple" by Keibo Oiwa (Tsuji Shinichi) From "efficiently" to "sufficiently". Stop our never ending competition. "Slow" is subtraction. Scale down and downsizing. Taoism The relationship between Little prince and fox. Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear." Mahatma Gandhi - Happy Birthday Gandhi! Shine on!
* Slow food - by Mary Jane Edleson She has been living in Indonesia for 34 years!
Good food in Bali
* Let Elephants Be Elephants - by Nadya Hutagalung
* GMO corn in Bali, Indonesia
***** 4 October 2014 THE ART OF FERMENTATION: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SAUERKRAUT & KIMCHEE! Enter the magical world of fermentation with Mary- Jane Edleson, who for decades has researched and been inspired by its transformative power, unique tastes and extraordinary health properties. Mary- Jane will share scientific, historical and practical information that will lead you to Kimchee heaven! At Toko Toko Restaurant (The Kitchen) * Mary Jane Edleson - culinary educator, organic gardener, author and artist has lived and worked in numerous countries throughout Asia, including some 30 years resident in Indonesia. She is a Founding Member of BISA (Bali Institute for Sustainable Agriculture), Director of Amertha Studios, and Convivium Leader of Slow Food Bali. She was Founder and President (for 20 years) of Pacific Century Associates, a regional marketing and communications company based in Indonesia. She is the author and editor of numerous articles and books on many aspects of Indonesia. She did post- graduate Asian studies, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree, and is a certified chef and instructor in 'living food.' She has studied at several international culinary institutes in the US and Asia, and has a special interest in food fermentation. Her Bali food gardens are noteworthy for abundance and variety. Her main life passion is the study of world food and its relationship to culture. Naoko, Osamu, Yuya and Shohei joined in this Fermentation class. How to make KIMCHEE? - chop, salt, pack and wait.
Mary Jane Edleson
***** 3 October 2014 DRIVEN BY SIMPLICITY Locavore has taken Ubud by storm with its focus on the finest local produce, preferable organic, and modern cooking techniques. Meet Chef Eelke who will unclutter your culinary mind by bringing his magnificent simplicity to the table while revealing Locavore sought-after secrets. At Toko Toko Restaurant (The Kitchen) Naoko and Osamu joined in this class. * Eelke Plasmeijer
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