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 25 January 2015

 I love Soapnut Liquid.

 This is 100% natural soap for our body and hair.
 And also for washing dishes and for your washing machine.

 This is a fruit; a nut; like a berry; ripen fruit.
(The Liquid comes from the nut.)

 Please visit at Pizza Bagus - Organic market 
around 10:00am every Saturday!

 I think it's reasonable price.
 Just 5cc is enough for washing my hair.
 And it's not harmful for underground water.

 これは、ぼくもバリ島にきて、ほんとうにおどろいたん です。自然の木の実をきゅっきゅって軽くしぼると、泡立 つんです!  ほんとうの自然なシャンプーなんです。  ボディーにも。  皿洗いにも。  もー、びっくり。  大好き。愛しています。 ***** 31 October 2014 Vegan Chocolate Cake (wheat-free)
***** 30 October 2014 Apple pie (whole wheat 50%)
***** 5 October 2014 Environment Day! at Fivelements in Bali
Bamboo pavilion
Some lectures in the Bamboo pavilion "Slow, Small, Simple" by Keibo Oiwa (Tsuji Shinichi) From "efficiently" to "sufficiently". Stop our never ending competition. "Slow" is subtraction. Scale down and downsizing. Taoism The relationship between Little prince and fox. Truth is by nature self-evident. As soon as you remove the cobwebs of ignorance that surround it, it shines clear." Mahatma Gandhi - Happy Birthday Gandhi! Shine on!  ほんとうのことは、「自然」に、おのずと、はっきりと 表れてくるはずだよ。キミがいま注目している「それ」を 取り囲んでいる「無知」の「蜘蛛の巣」を取りはらえば、 すぐに、ネ。そしてクリアになるヨ * 『きっぱりと、心の底から発した「NO」という言葉は、 相手に合わせて、ましてや面倒を避けるためについ言って しまった「YES」に比べたら、はるかに価値のある言葉 である。』ガンジー
* Slow food - by Mary Jane Edleson She has been living in Indonesia for 34 years!
Good food in Bali
* Let Elephants Be Elephants - by Nadya Hutagalung
* GMO corn in Bali, Indonesia
***** 4 October 2014 http://www.ubudwritersfestival.com/ THE ART OF FERMENTATION: HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SAUERKRAUT & KIMCHEE! Enter the magical world of fermentation with Mary- Jane Edleson, who for decades has researched and been inspired by its transformative power, unique tastes and extraordinary health properties. Mary- Jane will share scientific, historical and practical information that will lead you to Kimchee heaven! At Toko Toko Restaurant (The Kitchen) * Mary Jane Edleson - culinary educator, organic gardener, author and artist has lived and worked in numerous countries throughout Asia, including some 30 years resident in Indonesia. She is a Founding Member of BISA (Bali Institute for Sustainable Agriculture), Director of Amertha Studios, and Convivium Leader of Slow Food Bali. She was Founder and President (for 20 years) of Pacific Century Associates, a regional marketing and communications company based in Indonesia. She is the author and editor of numerous articles and books on many aspects of Indonesia. She did post- graduate Asian studies, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree, and is a certified chef and instructor in 'living food.' She has studied at several international culinary institutes in the US and Asia, and has a special interest in food fermentation. Her Bali food gardens are noteworthy for abundance and variety. Her main life passion is the study of world food and its relationship to culture. Naoko, Osamu, Yuya and Shohei joined in this Fermentation class. How to make KIMCHEE? - chop, salt, pack and wait.
Mary Jane Edleson
***** 3 October 2014 http://www.ubudwritersfestival.com/ DRIVEN BY SIMPLICITY Locavore has taken Ubud by storm with its focus on the finest local produce, preferable organic, and modern cooking techniques. Meet Chef Eelke who will unclutter your culinary mind by bringing his magnificent simplicity to the table while revealing Locavore sought-after secrets. At Toko Toko Restaurant (The Kitchen) Naoko and Osamu joined in this class. * Eelke Plasmeijer
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