- Piano Lesson in Ubud Bali - Studio Spoon -

Last update 28 March 2018

 Japanese pianist Naoko & Osamu will give you the introduction 
on Studio Spoon's music courses.


- Studio Spoon's music courses -

1. How to improvise without any score?(6yrs~)
2. Let's start with C Am F G7.(Chord progression)
3. Jazz piano & Arrangement (for beginner)(10yrs~)
4. Popular songs with piano.
5. How to play the Pianica/Melodica?
6. Let's play Djembe/Cajon with Pianica/Piano!
7. Rhythm & Songs for children from 4 to 12yrs.
8. Piano lesson for children from 4 to 12yrs.
9. Classical piano lesson (6yrs~) & for Adults.

 You can make your mixed course from some of them.


 NAOKO, graduated from Tokyo College of Music (1991-1995), 
is a qualified Music teacher. 
( Junior high school and High school )
 She majored in Piano.

 OSAMU has been a popular Jazz piano player in Japan 
and Bali over 8years.


- Live performance -

 At restaurant, hotel, villa or at home party
 Vo: Naoko,  Piano: Osamu

 "Summer Time" on 8th September 2017.Vo: Naoko P: Osamu- flac

 "Don't know why" on 8th September 2017.Vo: Naoko P: Osamu- flac

 "Rehearsal" on 5th September 2017.Vo: Naoko P: Osamu- flac

 "All the things you are" - by Osamu(p)

 "Blue Monk" with my family voices. When I was playing the piano, my family came back home.

 "Love" by Osamu(p)

 "Fly me to the moon - So nice" on 7th July 2015. Vo:Naoko P:Osamu

 "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in Ubud, Bali on 7th July 2015. Vo:Naoko P:Osamu - flac

 Cascade in Viceroy on 15th September 2015

We have a piano, a microphone, a mixer and two amplifiers.
We have our live performance at Sayuri Healing Food every second Friday starting at 19:30.(Since March 2017) It's free of charge. Please order one smoothie there. Sayuri Healing Food cafe is on Jl.Sukma in Ubud Bali. Naoko and Osamu, both of them have KITAS working (ijin kerja) for having live performaces under the law of Indonesia. We have them from PT.Harmoni Bali Sejahtera that is an event organizer. Thank you.
Live in Vespa - Vo: Joy Yoko Melodica(Pianica): Osamu
Live in Napi Orti - Vo: Joy Yoko P: Osamu
Piano lessons - Rhythm & Songs
* - Piano Lessons - Once a week or twice a week Rp 100.000- / 30 min. Rp 150.000- / 45 min. * For example, for learning math, we should be aware of the relationship between our brain and music. For learning not only math, but also languages, the process making music and also improvisation influence to our brain. cf. http://www.medicaldaily.com/emotion-and-creativity -jazz-improvisation-happiness-activates-different-brain-367718 While various researchers have studied brain cell activity during creative tasks, none have directly addressed emotional expression during jazz improvisation. Jazz in particular is extremely flexible, enabling musicians to incorporate a variety of musical features, including tone and rhythm, to express an emotion. For the new study, the research team used fMRI technology to explore what occurs in the brain during piano improvisations inspired by specific emotional cues. Specifically, the team wanted to identify whether or not a musician's specific emotional motivation would influence which brain systems were involved in her or his creative process. ***** Japanese pianist Naoko & Osamu will give you the introduction on Studio Spoon's music courses with our private jazz live performance. Jazz & Talk Live@Studio Spoon with Naoko( vo.)& Osamu(piano) on Every 2nd Saturday 14:00~ Please make a reservation in advance. ~ Simple & Slow, Small is Beautiful ~ Studio Spoon No.11 Gang Nyuh Sudamala, Jl. Nyuh Gading, Nyuh Kuning, Ubud Tel +62 361 479 2217 whatsapp: +62 878 6171 6912 (Osamu) since April 2018 whatsapp: +62 857 3943 2035 (Naoko) Naoko might change her whatsapp to +62 859 3511 8438 Please delete my old number: +62 857 3999 5164 (Osamu) Please google "studio spoon Bali" Studio Spoon 2015 Copyright(C) PT.Harmoni Bali Sejahtera All Rights Reserved.  Top Page

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